Do I put in a new motor?


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Do I put in a new motor?

So here's my situation. I've got a fairly old Toyota Camrey (1998) with about 150,000 miles on it. The engine had some kind of a lubrication problem and it has siezed up. The shop that I've taken it to says that they can get a motor for me that has about 60,000 miles on it. The motor will cost $1100 and they can install it for $1000, so my car should be working again for about $2100.

I'm not an expert on cars by any means so I'm wondering if people who know more about this than me think this sounds like a good idea. As far as know the rest of the car is in decent condition. This is really first major issue that this car has had since 1998.

Let me know what you think?
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My thought process is whether you trust the car and plan to drive it for a while longer - you need to sink $2K into this car to make it drivable again and it would cost quite a bit more than that to replace the car itself so this is a reasonable repair in my mind if there is little or nothing else wrong and you intend to keep driving it for a while
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Thanks for the response Mitch. I do intend to keep driving the car as long as I can. Does $2100 sound about right for a repair like this? I didn't sound to bad to me.
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The price is only relevant to other prices you are getting in your area. You have to "shop around" in order to know what the deal is. The trouble is, how many "good" mechanic shops do you have to choose from? If you are getting a price from a person that you have dealt with previously and have trust built with them, then you have to figure he/she is taking care of you. If you have never dealt with the shop before and just got a price at random, then you can do that at a couple of other places and see what you get.

If you have some lower prices and the shops seem to be decent places, then you may want to go somewhere else. Getting a recommendation from someone you know on an auto repair shop is a good start. If you can't get that, then you have to make a call on how the shop appears to you. If it is a dump with crap everywhere, I'd walk away.... Good Luck!
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i would suggest that you have the shop pull a valve cover off the replacement engine & show you that it is not all sludged up.
( there was a sludge problem in the older engines ) Especially IF the oil change interval was not kept up with.
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1. all you need to do is to replace crankshaft bearings. it can be done in a day in garage, without pulling engine out. maybe even less, if you working with a buddy. sounds like it's not an option for you though.
2. around here, we buy certified low mileage engines from Japan. 4 bangers average 400-500 bucks certified no more than 35 000 miles. come as complete engine, plug and play. even radiator hoses are there, just cut.
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$1100 for a used motor sight unseen is a bit steep. Case in point:
97 01 TOYOTA CAMRY 4-CYL 2.0L 16-VALVE ENGINE JDM 3SFE - eBay (item 270700195526 end time Feb-10-11 10:11:10 PST)

That said - second what Rebel said

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