Rust inhibitor?


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Rust inhibitor?

Any recommendations for products to stop existing rust? Not prevent rust, but transform it into non-rust.

I'm thinking of something like I used once, I think it was called POR-15, which actually transformed existing rust chemically.

I coated that on the floor of a Jeep with surface oxidation and some flaking. Now I have a plumbing problem and want to do something similar...
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Could you tell us more??? There are alot of rust products. What do you want to do and we can help...

Mike NJ
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I have heard of neutralized phosphoric acid. It can neutralize rust before it can turn into a hole into the metal. However, you will need a professional to apply this to the metal as trying to measure the correct amount to use can be tricky.
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I've used DeRusto on brushed down metal rust, but, like Mike, I am concerned as to what you are going to do with it. You got a plumbing problem, you need to correct it, not throw a rust inhibitor on it. More info is needed.
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Well, I had rust on the flange of a sink disposal and some other parts of it, which I was going to reuse for easier installation. But y'all will be glad to hear I came to my senses and tore it all out and replacing with a $$new$$ one.

The other problem is the sink sprayer or whatever you call it-the loose spray head on a hose. Unless you're very careful (which others in the household are not and will simply never be, no matter how much I plead or yell), water runs down the hose and through the hose hole and drips inside the cabinet. I found it has caused surface rust on parts of the sink etc. --> I want to apply something to stop that surface rust from growing more.

And I guess I'll start another thread about the water running down the hose...seems like there should be a gasket or something invented to prevent that.
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parts stores sell chemical that is used in marine business to transform rusted metal into something else. i used it on my 91 civic's roof, as it was badly rusted under ****ty made bondo job. it basically turned rust into a whitish compound. thick purple jelly, quite stinky.

SEM Paints 69508 Rust Mort Pint

Official Distributor for Zero-Rust Paints Free Shipping on ALL internet orders. | Best solution for rust removal and cotrol

Remove Rust from Metal with Naval Jelly Rust Treatment from Loctite Adhesives

last one is the one i used. small can.

what you need is not rust transformer, but rust inhibitor. once again, there's a thick mastic that they use in shipyards to cover metal. we had our russian moskvitch belly fully covered with it. it turns into stuff like bitumen, and metal never ever rusted underneath.
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People swear by POR 15, yet I thing the mentioned navel /marine rust inhibitor is even better, I think.
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