1992 Olds Royal chokes out


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Unhappy 1992 Olds Royal chokes out

1992 Oldsmobile Royal with 3.8l V6. The car chokes out when just sitting idle. At first it would just sputter like it wasn't getting enough gas when sitting idle and the check engine light would come on. Now it just completely chokes out even at a stop light or sign. Also when i give it gas while going up hill it seems to jump as if its trying to get gas but can't. Any ideas where i should start.

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Has your car had proper maintenance done in regards to the basics such as plugs, wires etc.? Did you ever have the ECM fault codes read? Part stores such as Auto Zone will do this for free. The more information you can provide everyone the more accurate possibile/guess feedback you will receive back. My first thought was perhaps a faulty EGR Valve, which could cause these symptoms, but so can other things too. Does the car do this also after a cold start or only when warmed up for example?
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Could be the fuel pressure regulator, idle air control valve, or vacuum leak.
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no parts stores will retrieve OBD1 codes on pre-OBD2 cars. his is not OBD2.
hey, for the year - it can be anything. starting with lagged behind maintenance and ending with bad ECM. you can guess, or you can limp to any repair shop and have her scanned. they have special harnesses to connect to scanner ports. of course, you can do g'ol paper clip thing and count light blinks.
things that come to mind 1st are fuel filter, air filter, bad plugs and wires. followed by distributor cap and rotor. i'd start with cap and rotor. try starting engine in pitch black place, pop hood open, and check if there's any power drain off bad plug wires onto the engine. or spray soapy water onto the engine/wires and watch for cracking noise/sparks.
my old time favorite for your car is run about 2 cans of seafoam through the fuel system. very strong medicine.

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