2000 mercury sable gs termostat/temp gauge issues


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Question 2000 mercury sable gs termostat/temp gauge issues

i noticed one day my heat started to blow cold air and my tem gauge was going from in the middle (normal) to all the way down to c and kept doing that my whole trip so decided to change the thermostat so today the car ran at normal temp for about 5 miles and started to do the same thing again? it's not overheating and it giving me on and off heat? what else could be the problem? I also had to fill the reserve up a couple of times? but i'm not smelling antifreeze or any kind of overheating smell? Please help
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Loosing coolant as evidenced by having to top it up.
Heater core is high in the system so a low level will show up there by intermittant heat.
The system goes low and uncovers the temperature sensing element and causes it to go erratic with movement.
Can loose coolant without smelling it.
Get a coolant system pressure test.
That is where they pressurize the rad with a device that can be pumpe up to different pressures. Pump up pressure and it should hold that pressure without loosing it or there is an "open" in the system.
You could also buy this tool if you wanted to add to your tool collection.
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As well as items mentioned on other thread, when you have engine cooled down, remove rad cap, start engine and turn on your heater. Let the engine run and add coolant to proper level in rad as needed. Observe rad level and temperature gauge and allow engine to reach normal operating temperature, and continue to run and observe while rad cooling fan comes on and off a couple of times indicating that the thermostat has opened and coolant is circulating back to rad for cooling. Once that is done and all is good, make sure rad is topped up, and put your rad cap back on, and add coolant to proper level in return bottle. Keep a close eye on return bottle level and keep it up to proper level until pressure test can be done to determine source of leak. There are also tests that can be done to determine if coolant is coming out the exhaust if leak not externally found. proper Diagnosis of leak will determine the extent of repair required, if there is a leak.
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couple of issues. the taurus is known for rotting fins on the water pump. if you hit the gas and get warm air take a look at water pump. also there is a pipe on the firewall that is the heater core piping and they rust out.
the taurus also likes to block the heater with junk, give it a good flush running flush in the system with distilled water.
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