03 Accord front rotors warped after 20k miles


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Definitely sounds like you have dirt on the hub because there is not uniform drag when you turn the rotor by hand. The non-uniform drag should be cyclical meaning it increases and decreases at the same point of rotation. Like Ubrkyk said, this has to be resolved. By the way, this can also cause pedal pulsation. And since the rotor is wobbling because its plane is not at a right angle to the shaft turning it, it can be wrongly assumed to be warped.

I did not mean to imply you had a leaking caliper because if you did, your brake pedal would go closer to the floor when pressed and you would have noticed it. I only mentioned it in passing. Probably shouldn't have mentioned it. But when lubricated the pistons retracted easily making for less drag.
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I decided that not having enough expertise, I should go to a mechanic. I called STS. They weren't very interested when I told them this was a performance rotor, since they'd only like to work with regular rotors. When I told them I had done it myself, the guy said - "You screw up and now you want me to fix it? I won't do it". I was quite upset with that remark. Then I called a couple of other places, who were prepared to look at, so I took the car to one of them. The put it up, and came back quickly to tell me that they don't find anything wrong with the brakes. They took me inside their work area and spinned both the wheels by hand. They said the brakes are behaving normally, there is no drag. That was it. No charge. I had been spinning the wheel very slowly and listening cautiously and they weren't. Being that this was my first brake job, I am paranoid or a perfectionist. So, I consider myself done. Thanks everybody for providing me suggestions and encouraging me. I truly appreciate it.
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anup, glad it all worked out.
"first times" have tendency to be tricky almost on everything. yeah, indeed.. oh, memories...
anyway, do not "consider YOURSELF done". consider the job done, and done well.
most likely, it all settled itself right after few brakes applications. pads have very very minute clearance from rotor, so some metal rubbing, esp for obsessed ear, is always there.
also, you have learned a valuable lesson. 1. you CAN do it yourself; 2. your hands are very much so the same like any other guy called mechanic; it is simply fear of his "title" that makes him be a godlike authority; 3. we, DIY people, do this not simply because we have nothing else to do; we do this because, to some extent, we all had our encounters with Joe Mechanic who thinks he's god, is nothing but a jerk, does not give rat's ars about you or your car, and prolly will screw up your car anyway; so, thereafter, we figured we can do better - because we are TRULY MOTIVATED AND NO DUMMER THAN HE IS.
so, stay on this course, brother. that's why we have a saying back in my old country: clay pots are not made by gods.

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