How much to repair a head gasket for 1994 Jeep Cherokee

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How much to repair a head gasket for 1994 Jeep Cherokee

My son replaced water pump and radiator hose on his 1994 Jeep Cherokee.
Now this morning the jeep shut off on way to work and a lot of white smoke and Antafreeze poured out the back of engine . It is now sitting in a parking lot.
He says it's the head gasket.
Is it ? and if it is he wants to fix it himself. Just wondering how much it costs .
He has worked on his jeep before.
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1. heater core hose maybe?
2. you do not repair head gasket; you replace them
3. i seriously doubt head gasket will cause anything of this magnitude. it's small leaks, and usually it's into the engine - oil, combustion chambers, etc.
4. pouring down can be caused by blown freeze plug. pull blown out, mallet new one in. done.
5. it's an inline engine, right? if so, there are some hoses back there, next to firewall.

even - and under big IF - if it is head gasket. you have to pull engine head off. you are looking at day's work for a rookie. at least. some engines are worse, some much better (86 Plymouth Reliant=1hr). if it's an inline 5 banger, or V6 or 8, it's a day non-stop. and about $200 in parts. you have to replace all gaskets, some seals, etc.
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Probably $130 for an upper gasket kit. Then 3-400 for a head. Or you can get the current one machined at a shop for probably around $100

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