Ford Windstar 1999-2003


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Ford Windstar 1999-2003

Hey Folks,

If you own a Ford Windstar from 1999-2003 there is a massive recall on the car.

There are two big problems that are being addressed:

1. If you live in the North where road salt or other deicers are used, there is a high probability of rear axle corrosion. TAKE IT TO YOUR FORD DEALER TO GET IT INSPECTED!!!

2. There is also a front suspension issue as well.

Ford has had our car since October... put us in a rental car... and refused to make us an offer or even consider a trade-in. It has already cost them $4000.00 with no quick fix in sight...

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well thank you for siding with me on my eternal gripe on Fords. had two, two too many.

oops, take it back. had 3rd one, finest car ever reliability wise, no comfort what so ever. Ranger. which is re-badged Mazda. hence reliability. swear as i type it - was more reliable than Hondas and Toyotas we had and have. but boy it had no comfort in it!

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