KIA DTC Problems


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KIA DTC Problems

I'm trying to help a friend smog his car (san diego)

we did repairs to get rid of all the dtc's

Now the problem is ... when I hook up my scanner to it, it shows
the EVAC and CAT tests have not been done by the computer yet.
(they are blinking) we do a drive cycle and the lights will stop
blinking and it will go green.

but .. after a while (15min) .. the lights come back on (blinking)

the smog guy says that we can only have ONE blinking

remember it isnt a dtc code .. its the computer saying that it
hasn't finished these self tests. It will do it for a while .. then
claim that it hasnt done it.

My friend wants to replace his cat ..and I said wait till I ask
you guys

whats going on ??


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Not sure of this but I think some engine management systems need a certain number of on-off cycles to properly calibrate. Maybe driving car more often might achieve this? Similar wording:
The computer does not look at miles driven in determining whether to keep the light on or turn it off. It looks at "cycles." A cycle is a trip that begins with a cold start, continues until the engine is warmed up, and possibly includes other factors as well such as attaining a certain minimum speed or idling for a certain number of seconds. Your light will go out after your car runs a certain number of of cycles without the fault recurring. If you go out and start the car and drive it 500 miles before shutting it off, that's one cycle. And if you take 7 short trips where the car never cools down between trips, that might not count at all.
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Thanks Bob I wasn't aware of that ..

The problem is .. the lights DO go out (stop blinking) and it goes green but for some reason .. a short bit later they come back on.

NO dtc's at all .. just the computer saying it has done the test .. and then .. it saying that it hasn't


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