03 chevy venture sliding door


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03 chevy venture sliding door

Have a chevy venture with power sliding doors.
Drivers sliding door opened ok, pushed button on remote and door started to close-halfway closed and went back to open position.
Pushed button and same thing happened. Door wouldn't close more than 2-3 feet and reversed to fully open position.
Took the cover off of the left side rear,found the motor assembly,pushed button and saw nothing out of place.
Nothing broke, no pieces laying about,no nothing!
Sounds like it hits a sensor and reverses to the open position.
Need help-SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) is not very happy.

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hah... this definitely reminds me of our 2003 rental, which was, yes, chevy venture, for a trip from nashville to seattle. i seriously remember something like that, and then i found that i was not doing it right, there was something about proper button/-s to be pressed.. was pita to have figured out.
but it does sound like you have blockage in one of the rails, and it trips sensor to open door again. minivans are notorious about kids stuff all over in the wrong places. i'd start with blowing compressed air through guides, if possible.
can it be easily closed with hand?
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I have had the same problem and discovered that the rubber door seal at the bottom of the door was slightly out of place, probably due to the kids hitting it with their foot while getting out. It is the interior rubber seal that is just above the slide rail, not the exterior seal that is exposed to the outside. The seal did not look out of place so apparently it doesn't take much movement to cause a problem. I unfortunately forced the door shut manually, which did shut the door, but it bent the seal. I eventually had to take the entire rubber seal off in order to shut the door, but haven't noticed any sound or water getting inside the van but there is a gap which can allow stuff to fall down into the door track so I will have to replace the seal. Hope this helps!

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