Post Engine Swap Transmission Trouble

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Post Engine Swap Transmission Trouble

In late 2009, I rolled my 98 Chrysler Sebring 2.5L V6
Early 2010 I sold the transmission out of it, after having cranked it up and made sure everything worked.
Had trouble selling the engine, so I decided to find a body to drop it in.

Purchased a 95 Cirrus 2.5L V6 with a locked engine, someone apparently didn't realize it required an oil filter.

Ripped the engine out, and tossed mine in. Pretty much everything went smoothly, no major complications.

Reusing the transmission, TCM and PCM out of the 95 Cirrus.

The engine runs wonderfully, however I'm getting 2 codes via the Check Engine light. The first is Battery Temp Sensor Voltage too high/low. The second is Coolant Temp Sensor Voltage too low.

Despite being charged fully, the battery light remains on.

However, my main problem, possibly unrelated, is that the transmission doesn't do anything. Park works fine, any other setting makes no sign of changing gears, but allows the car to freewheel as if in neutral.

Pulling the coolant lines off the trans shows no ATF flowing. While I had everything out, I drained the transaxle completely, torque converter included. The specs in my Haynes manual call for 9.1 quarts when dry. I added 8 quarts then ran it, and it continued reading high.

Any input is much appreciated, I've been beating my brains out over this, trying to figure out what is preventing it from pumping, and whether the problems are interconnected, or I just need to replace the transaxle.

**Edit - After hours of fruitless searching, I finally posted this. 10 minutes later, I found a post by someone who had the exact same problem. It would seem I misaligned the torque converter when putting it back in the trans after draining it. And bolting the torque converter to the flex plate prior to securing the trans to the engine, I broke the oil pump. Rookie mistake that's gonna cost me. I'll leave this up in case anyone else has the same problems. However, it is solved now, so if a mod wants to delete it...

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the torque converter 'always' stays with the trans.
install converter to trans-turn it & push on it until it is seated-bolt eng & trans together-then bolt converter to flywheel.
as you stated-it's too late for this trans.
a qualified trans tech can probably diagnose & fix it

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