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It seems there are so many variables involved with a brake job it is hard to compare things.
Types of pads/shoes, integrity of the place -like do my rotors really need turning?, drums and shoes, calipers and pads etc.
Question,+ I know I'll get a lot of different answers but;
The places around me are the chains like Midas, Pep Boy, Walmart, Dealer, service stations, small auto repair, Meineke, NTB,AAmco,
I have done ok at sears but do not know how to specify what to have done -you get what you pay for.
I have a 2007 Corolla in excellent shape and don't know if I should get the fluid changed and what type metal to ask for. i think I could hold my own telling them that the rotors and drums could be turned but not replaced at 35K miles.
Any advice appreciated.
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The rotors may or may not be able to be turned, it depends on how deep they are scarred or if they are warped. You might consider the ceramic pads if you have nice wheels - they don't produce as much brake dust as the conventional type pads. I've heard some say that brake fluid should b changed yearly but that seems like over kill to me.
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Brake job

Thank you marsr for your advice.
Let's hope someone else jumps in with a few more suggestions like price and some things I mentioned in my original post.
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Are you sure you need to replace the brakes? 35k is not a lot of miles nowadays with harder brake pads.

If you like how the brakes feel, I'm going to suggest you go to your dealer and have OEM parts installed.

A lot of places will not turn rotors/drums nowadays. There isn't as much "meat" on them as in years past and the costs of turning, when you take into consideration the time and labor, make replacement more economical for the shop.

Flushing fluid isn't a bad idea, it does absorb moisture. If you have ABS then it is a good idea. You may need special tools to cycle the ABS valves, if needed. Another reason to check the dealer.

Hope it helps.
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If money was not a considerstion, i would go to the dealer.
Most of us have to watch our budgets and dealers have to pay, up front, for many things that are passed on to us.
For that reason I have to avoid them.
A certified mechanis should be able to do the same job, same parts at a more competitive price. I was just asking for some suggestions besides hi end dealer and low end Pep Boys.
We live in a capitalistic society and I do appreciate your point of view.
I guess I was spoiled doing my own brakes in the 40's and 50's until I had to say, "Uncle".
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If I were to pay for a brake job I would only request that the front pads and rear shoes be checked and replaced if needed with no mention of rotor or drum replacement.
If they are competent, measuring rotors and drums would be standard practice and if they need to be replaced just ask them to jot down your measurements on the bill and put all the old parts in the trunk.
Make sure your service order has your request to save old parts written on it.

They should be able to quote the cost of pad and shoe only replacement and it is more likely that your drums and rotors would be within specs.
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This is what needed. If you have any after thoughts about where to have it done, I would also make note of that too.
Thank you

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