clicking sound on '99 park avenue


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clicking sound on '99 park avenue

I have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue with 142,000 miles. It has been an excellent car with minimal amount of upkeep. About 2 weeks ago, it started making a clicking sound. It is on the front of the car, and only happens when you turn to the right. Sounds like the noise is on the driver's side front, but only when you turn to the right, while the car is moving. I inspected myself to see if any thing looked wrong, and couldn't find nothing.

Searching on the internet, I have found several possible culprits, such as shocks, struts, tie rods, etc... I guess I may have to take it to a mechanic, have it put up on a rack, and have it inspected. Any suggestions on what this clicking sound might be, and possibly how expensive the repair costs might be?
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It could be a failing wheel bearing on the driver's side as one possibility among a few others such as CV joints. You could as a first check, lift the the left front wheel off the pavement, and place your hands at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions and try and feel for any bearing play a least as a beginning step. While down there check the conditon of the inner and outer brake pads at the same time to eliminate any possibility of early brake wear indicator noises . Also look at the condition of the rubber boots around the CV joints and look for obvious tears again as a first investigative step. Check for any nails or stones in the tire tread at the same time also.
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get her on jackstands, so that wheels are off the ground, lock rear wheels, start the engine, and get her into drive. so that wheels spin. then turn wheels left and right. if it does it with wheels in non-weight bearing, it's prolly driveaxles. if it does not, then it's suspension elements. struts, maybe ball joint. either way, it might be easier to locate the noise origin. engine mounts. i am not sure hub bearing will do clicking noise. you would have noticed many problems relevant to bad hub bearing BEFORE you get to clicking noise.
bent dust shield? Honda had TSB issued for CR-Vs regarding rubbing noise in tight left turns. one of the pullies will hit the tirewell, as powertrain moves along with front wheels, when they turn.
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