1997 Saturn SL SES Light


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1997 Saturn SL SES Light

I have a 1997 Saturn with 156K miles. The SES light will come on after we have a soaking rain or if it is very humid for a few days. It will then go off and won't appear again until the same conditions are met. I can't be the only person to ever experience this. Does anyone know what can be causing this and what to look for? I did have the engine codes read once while the light was on. It does done by a local auto parts store and not a GM service center. My memory isn't so good but I was told that the code was for I believe a "CAM position sensor"????. I was also told by the place that a 97 Saturn SL did not have such a sensor which makes it all the more frustrating. Any help is appreciated.
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It would be helpful to know the code, at least that would be a starting point. Sounds like you're just getting some water in a connector. Might take quite a bit of effort to track down. I would get a code read next time it's on and post back what you find. Might still be in memory, so you can try a code read any time.
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Ignore the codes. Replace the ignition cables and spark plugs. Be sure to use only A/C Delco plugs and ignition cables.

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