1998 Ford Taurus


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1998 Ford Taurus

Replaced starter, plug wires, and battery relay. Car still won't start. Not getting a spark to ignition coil. Any advice?
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You stated there is no spark to the coil. Well the engine in your Taurus fires on three coils. (CONFIRM THE COIL PACK) as per below. (HAVE YOU RULED OUT)?

Blown fuses
Circuit breakers
Fusible Links



Turn the ignition off.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the ignition coil.

Check for dirt, corrosion or damage on the terminals and repair as necessary.

Measure coil primary resistance between ignition coil pin 4 (B+) and pins 1 (coil 2), 2 (coil 3) and 3 (coil 1).

Resistance should be 0.3-1.0 ohms. If resistance is out of specifications, replace the coil pack. If resistance is within specifications, proceed to secondary windings testing.


Measure coil secondary resistance between the corresponding spark plug wire towers on the coil.

Resistance should be 12.8-13.1 kilohms. If secondary resistance is not within specification, replace the coil pack.

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is this your coil:

if you are not getting 12V to the coil, which I am assuming you measured at the coil plug, there's a problem somewhere between the coilpack and battery. first come to mind is your ignition lock, knowing Fords. ECM. as Diane mentioned, fuses, of course, and Ford likely has several in various locations. you should have one in general fuses pack and a relay or another fuse/relay under the hood, where they have all the relays. this is a tedious task, honestly. before you started replacing parts on a guess, you or someone else should have "walked" through the ignition system locating at which point power supply stops. I hope one of the fusible links did not blow, those are female dog to spot and replace.

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