"O/E OFF" Light on after Dash pulled


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"O/E OFF" Light on after Dash pulled

I took my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis in because the blend door was stuck on heat. The entire dash had to be removed and it was the "accuator" (?) that needed to be replaced.

So I went to pick my car up and went I drive off I noticed a green light that said "O/E OFF." I circled around the block and took it back to the mechanic. He immediately checked all the fuses while someone else opened the hood. He said that it was idling rather fast. I called him today to see where he stood on the situation and he says that when he drives it it shifts in and out of overdrive and that maybe the transmission is going out and he does not work on transmissions.

My car only has 85K miles on it and I have taken excellent care of it. I should have listened to my gut and took the car to someone who specializes in the heating and air on a car. But we do have a great backyard mechanic, but then again, he is only a backyard mechanic and that is where my husband said to take it.

I wasn't having any problems with it other than the heat being stuck on before. (I live in Florida and can't deal with extra heat right now!) I do not drive it rough. Have kept regular maintenance up to date.

I don't know what to do with the car at this point. I am so frustrated that I am at my wits end.

Please advise! Thank you!!
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I'm guessing you meant OD Off vice OE Off; OD would be overdrive. When you switch the overdrive off (probably a button on the end of the gearshift lever) the light comes on to tell you that. At this point I would take it to a regular transmission shop for a diagnosis, but don't panic just yet. It may be something as simple as the switch that turns the light on vice something failing.
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Non-beneficial info removed.

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Yes, I meant OD OFF. Thank you for the correction. I was very upset when I wrote that message.

The car was also idling fast and my son-in-law said that there may be a leak in the vacuum hose. If this is true, I am guessing this hose was bumped sometime when the dash was off the car.

I believe my mechanic wants to wash his hands of this mess right now because it is beyond his expertise.

Thank you for your help!

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