1994 pontiac bonneville-notorius fuel sender problem?


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1994 pontiac bonneville-notorius fuel sender problem?

Hi, I have a 94' pontiac bonneville v-6 non-turbo with about 167k miles on it.The fuel gauge is driving me crazy.When I step on the gas pedal the gauge goes up,when I come to a stop the gauge goes down.I was told that if the tank was relined or renewed that when they bake the tank that it melts the plastic baffles inside thus giving the ups and downs while driving.I haven't pulled the tank out yet to see if this is true and also the owner before me doesn't know either if it was relined.Then i was told that when I check the sender while it is out of the tank to move the float up and down and have a friend tell me if the gauge is working correctly.I found an old pump in a box in the trunk.Somebody must have replaced it and maybe screwed up something?How do I test the old pump?How do I do a more specific type of test on the sender rather than just moving the float up and down? is there a better way of testing the sender?I was just told the other day that pontiacs in general or more specifically bonnevilles( i forget exactly what he told me) are notorius for bad sender units,is this true?What can I do?.Because if I don't know how to do a specific test and I just replace the sender because I think it's bad, once I put it in the tank and it don't work in giving me the correct reading,I won't be able to return it to the store(i think).I don't want to do the wrong diagnosis.Can you please help?thanks.
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I had a '98 Bonneville SE that had a similar issue with the oil pressure, above 60 MPH the RPM screwed up the speedometer reading, sometimes the "check gauges" light came on for no reason, and the dash did all kinds of crazy. I replaced the sensors, found every ground known to man, replaced the cluster, nothing fixed it. I had 145K on mine, I sold it and explained the problem to the new owner and he had no problem with it as long as it ran.

Sorry no concrete answers but I feel your pain!

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