96 Toyota Camary oil leak


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96 Toyota Camary oil leak

I ran over a rock and the next day i seen oil in my driveway(a little) it has gotten worse! Now it wont hold oil at all. I put a quart in and it practically dumps out within minutes. I looked under and seen it was dripping from my oil pan but there is oil on the top of my motor. I dont see a hole in the pan so i assume maybe the gasket but before i pretend i know what im doing, some advise would be nice.MUCH thanks
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Rocks and the engine block casting with it's oil pan don't like each other much. You need to get the car on a hoist or at least on ramps and have a good look at what and where the damage occurred. It is really impossible for anyone on a forum to guess much beyond this other than imagining a hole, or tear somewhere where there was none before. You may have some leaky gasket issues that need addressing outside of this problem as well but that is not your main concern now. Valve covers gaskets, distributor seals are common ones but there is something alot more going on than that with yours if you hit a rock and are losing oil that quickly. It could be the pan, even the engine block casting that got damaged for instance.

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