rough paint


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rough paint

I have a Dodge ram 2003 & my wife has a trailblazer 2003 & today i went to wash my truck & the hood,top,& top of fenders all have a rough feel.I thought by washing it would smooth out but it didn't so i decided i would try some wax it also did not help.I was telling my wife about my truck & she said her vehicle may be the same way.Both vehicles are like this & i know about 6 wks ago neither had this problem because i washed both & would have noticed this.Just looking you can;t see anything but when you rub your hand it's really rough.Does anyone know of anything that will take this rough finish off tried wax & even rubbing compound on a little spot & it would not smooth it out.Any help appreciated.
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A lot depends on what caused the roughness.Has anyone been spray painting anything in the area where the cars sat? A clay bar will do an excellent job of cleaning(available at parts stores,even Wally World has them) If it is something that has etched the paint you might have to wet sand it with 2000 grit and then buff it.
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yep, wet sand it. but what i am afraid of is that your clear coat starts "getting there". that's how it starts. rough feel, then it turns into lichens.
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Try a clay bar lubed with spray on wax. Bet that'll do the trick. Or get one of those 'mothers' clay bar kits that comes with the spray in the kit.
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If you think it might be tree sap, which I have a problem with, try mineral spirits and let is work for a minute or 2 then wipe off. Be sure to wash after and apply a good coat of wax.
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I'd think you need to look/feel closely and see if its bumps (something on top of the paint) or if it's pits (something ate into the clearcoat).

Is on all surfaces (windshield, bumpers, all horizontal surfaces) or just the painted surfaces. If painted only, I'll bet you will find it's etched by something.

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