Buick regal a/c


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Buick regal a/c

I want to install a new A/C compressor which I have purchased.
When I look at the compressor on the car it has 2 aluminum connections in the back face. The one I have purchased has a plate bolted over 2 ports with solid rubber seals installed. Do these rubber seals serve any purpose when I try to install the aluminum fittings in the ports. One of these fittings has a device attached to it and this leads to a hose connection. What is this device?
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I don't recall exactly what that compressor looks like, but the rubber seals under the shipping plate are likely only there for temporary sealing of the unit. When you unbolt the lines you should be able to see what is required for seals/o-rings. Not sure what kind of "device" would be attached to one of the lines; normally the ac lines just run off to the rest of the system connections.

Couple of items:

1. Is the system empty of refrigerant? If not, it needs to be recovered properly and not simply vented to the atmosphere.

2. If you're not also replacing the receiver/drier, you should.

3. You didn't mention the age of the Buick; did the compressor die of old age or have a catastrophic failure? You have to be aware of any debris in the system from a catastrophic failure that can compromise the new unit if the entire system is not flushed.

4. What's the plan for re-servicing the system?
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Thanks for the reply.
1. Yes, the system is empty of refrigerant.

2. I am not sure where this item is but a diagram I have shows it installed between the condenser and the evaporator.

3. The car is a 1998 LS 3.8L. I took the car in to have the A/C system checked and the dye in the refrigerant showed that it was being lost from large leaks from the compressor.
The garage told me that it was irrepairable and would cost $750 to have a new one installed. I bought a brand new one from the US for $200 and want to install it myself, and then I will take it back to have it checked again.

4. I am unsure of what you mean by re-servicing.
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You can't just hook it up and refill it with refrigerant. You'll have to pay someone to evacuate the system after the comp is installed, then refill and check for leaks. Specialized equipment required.

Thats what is meant by re-servicing.

Might have been better to have them do it if the $750 included the refill and everything. Very few shops will guarantee anything after the owner has installed some of the parts in a system.

Whatever you do, don't cycle the compressor dry. Leave it unplugged so it can't engage if you turn on the A/C accidentally or go to defrost mode.

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