99 Honda Civic, LX, I4, CSF code 1337, also dipstick tube?


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99 Honda Civic, LX, I4, CSF code 1337, also dipstick tube?

I am working on a 1999 Honda Civic LX, 4 cyl, auto. Two things - there are various miss-fire codes but I am sure they are due to a code 1337 - CSF no signal. There is also a CSF intermittent signal code. I figure it is best to replace the CSF (or is it CFS?). How tough is that to do on this car? Where is the CSF located? I can't find the instructions describing this procedure. Again, how hard is this and what are the procedures? Also, is this a dealer item or aftermarket?

Finally, on this same car, the dipstick broke off in the dipstick tube and I can't get it out of the top. How and where is the dipstick tube connected to the engine, what holds it in? Can I remove the tube to get the dipstick out? Will I have to drop the oil pan? Are there any other options? Does anyone have a schematic of this engine so I can see what it looks like - just looking from the top and bottom I can't really see the bottom end of the tube? Thanks.
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not even sure what CSF is..

oh, I see:

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1337: No signal in the Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation (CKF) sensor circuit.

The diagnostic system has a pulser rotor on the crankshaft and a pulse pick-up sensor on the engine block. The ECM/PCM monitors the crankshaft speed fluctuation based on the CKF sensor signal, and judges that an engine misfire occurred if the fluctuation goes beyond a predetermined limit.

Library should have a manual for your year with schematics. Also, try Autozone online repair manual.

but as of the dipstick, it still goes in through the completely wrong engine part - exhaust manifold? there should be a bracket that holds it in place somewhere along the shaft, and 2 O-rings where the tube enters engine block. usually, you simply slowly twist it out.

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