broken door handles


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broken door handles

I need to replace these broken inside front door handles on my '92 Accord:
Wondering if its going to be a complicated ordeal and I need to remove the whole inside door panel(s) to replace them or just basically unclip the broken ones and clip the new ones on the rod there and pop it back in. Also wondering exactly what these handles would be referred as when I go looking or call around for some unbroken ones from an auto recycler or junkyard or whatever.
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They're probably called interior door handle trim. If you find some at a junkyard, they'll probably be just as bad.

Should come off to the interior after removing one screw (under the cover in pic 2) and unclipping them somehow. Most have a fork kinda thing that fits under the interior panel that when you take the screw out allows them to just be removed. May have to pull the handle to the open position.
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Okay thanks Gunguy. Maybe I can "handle" it then.
Plus, I already found some replacements for sale on ebay (new ones looks like) for only $7.50 per handle.
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Haven't done any lately, but my wife's previous Camry ('95) broke a couple that I replaced. On the Toy, I think it was one screw and then slide the trim piece either forward or back and it disengaged a little tab from the door structure.
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driver door lock dont pop out all the way

I went to honda dealer try to get new remote control for my honda year 2000 crv. they suggest me to get it from e-bay is more cheaper to order from them. after I received this new remote I follow the instructions to program it. It work fine for lock and unlock .but when they come out 2 thing they would not work! one is when alarm come out . new remote cannot shut down. second is we try to use new romote to lock and unlock the driver door so many time ( we are testing the door) the driver door lock is not pop up all the way only half way and when we try to open it then alarm come out and only old remote can shut off. My question is New remote problem? or is door lock problem?
When I program the new remote I didnt press pannic key at all, do you think that is the problem to cause it? hope some one can help me to answer this question.

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