1999 Dodge Durango intermitent no start


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Exclamation 1999 Dodge Durango intermitent no start

I have a 99 Dodge Durango, 5.2, AT, AC 140,000 miles, bone stock except for aftermarket remote start. A no start problem began a few months back. Specifically, I would turn the key, has plenty of juice but the starter wouldn't engage. This would happen once a week or so. The battery was weak, so I replaced it and the terminals. But it happend again. I removed the aftermarket remote start and it had no problem for a few weeks, then it started occuring again. Then the tranny grenaded again (big shock, eh?) so I put a new starter in when I swapped out the tranny. Dam thing wouldn't even start on the lift! I swapped out the starter relay with one of the others under the hood. Things were good for 2 weeks. No start occurred again and now it's happening every other day. I have to turn the key off and cycle it a dozen times or so until it starts. No codes are present. Any ideas? :?
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Maybe neutral safty switch,try wiggling the gear shift around a little???
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There is always the possibility that if the vehicle has a theft security system something is going on with that also. Is there a red light on the dash area for that, and if so is it flashing or solid red when you open the doors and try and start without results.

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