2000 Buick LeSabre


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2000 Buick LeSabre

I need to replace a front hub, but have never done it before. It looks like simple nut and bolt work to me, but I am concerned that the old hub will not come off the axle easily. I don't have a large puller. Your comments/recommendations will be appreciated.
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1. log into Autozone website, start membership, go to repair manuals, your car/part for instructions. usually, replacement bearing comes with instructions and pictures, maybe even in English, definitely in Chinese and Spanish.
2. apparently you do not have a large compressor and impact wrench. hence, you will not break that driveaxle nut loose.
3. find a tire shop close by; get all your parts handy; go to a parts store and rent "front axle socket set", which should have a proper size one; have 1/2 inch breaker bar/cheat pipe ready.
4. drive to the above mentioned tire shop, ask them to break central nut loose for you; drive back home and replace hub bearing; on my Silverado, takes about 10 minutes. unless driveaxle splines rusted into hub, it should slide right out. A LOT of Quick Wrench or similar may help. hub bearing should simply come forward and out of the hub.
5. when done, reinstall everything back, hand tight central nut with breaker bar plus cheat pipe as much as you can; drive back to the tire shop and have it torqued with impact wrench.

that's about it.
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here ya go.
| Repair Guides | Front Suspension | Wheel Bearings | AutoZone.com

looks identical to one in my pickup truck. btw, I REALLY like leSabres. I drove 2000 one from Nashville to OK City and back. fantastic. and had unbelievable HWY mpg. 32 or something.
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