2000 Civic exhaust leak


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2000 Civic exhaust leak

I've got a 2000 civic and can smell exhaust in the car, even without the fan running. The heat shield around the exhaust manifold is in pretty rough shape, but its just a shield, the fumes seem to be coming from the front of the car. There is no extra noise coming from the exhaust system and performance is normal, any suggestions as to what it could be
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Exhaust manifold gasket, leaky O2 sensor boss, or a hole somewhere in the system. In your neck of the woods I would assume a fair amount of salt corrosion?
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i had several cars that had exhaust leak. unless it's pretty obvious mechanical damage to the pipes, here's what i had:
1. my infamous Ford Taurus - CRACKED MANIFOLD. i mean - it simply caked and cracked. and i could not see it, as it was hidden behind the engine on firewall side. one night, i simply noticed flames shooting out of it. cheap metal they used had cracks all over.
2. donut seal where exhaust manifold enters exhaust pipe.
3. exhaust manifold gasket.

honestly, for 2000, i do not think it's any of those. more like a direct rock damage to a pipe or resonator somewhere. those are pretty low sitting cars.
get it to Meineke, they do not charge for spotting leaks.
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got me thinking. you sure it's exhaust, not burnt oil? might be oil leak somewhere, dripping down onto hot metal.
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If you can smell it, you should hear it. If you can't hear it, I would assume the leak is AFTER the muffler. Put the car up on ramps and leave it idle... run you hand along the exhaust system (not touching the pipe but as close as you can get), you should find the leak that way. Give the whole system a good visual inspection while you're under there.
Isn't your exhaust system stainless?? My brother lives near North Bay and the stainless muffler rusted out on his '05 Impala due to lots of calcium used on the roads there.
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well, you can also see soot streaks along junction leaks. basically, any major exhaust leak is quite audible, if it's pre-muffler. grandpa is correct about this. that's why i think it might be simply burnt smell - oil, etc. my cracked manifold was producing loud stuccuto until metal heats up and expands, and cracks close.

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