Jeep Wagoneer Sat for 2 Years


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Jeep Wagoneer Sat for 2 Years

I am looking to buy a 1988 Jeep Wagoneer at an estate sale Sunday that is 40 miles from home. According to the seller the vehicle has sat in a garage for about 2 years. In addition, before his dad died, the seller said that his dad mentioned something about a carburetor issue but could not remember.

It sounds like a great deal on a beautiful vehicle, but I need advice on what to look for when I go to see it for the first time on Sunday, and what do I need to bring to get this baby to drive the 40 miles back home. (It's in rural Wyoming so I will need to bring everything with me.)
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With a vehicle of that age that has sat for 2 years I would not consider to drive it at all until a complete inspection was done. Too many things can deteriorate over 2 years with a vehicle that old already. If you really want to buy this vehicle, bring a car carrier with you and then have a complete inspection done by getting it up in the air and having a pro look at it. Brake lines/hoses could easily be gone, along with so many other rubber items for one thing. You are also going to want to change most fluids anyway as well. With a vehicle of over 20 years old and one that has been sitting, you may be ending up having to replace most of the brake system (lines, hoses, master cylinder, wheel cylinders/calipers etc.) either immediately or in the not too distant future. Same with exhaust systems, and potentially many other things. Old vehicles do not age well when sitting. Dealers used to use the term 'lot rot' for older vehicles because even after a few weeks a lot of things would start to go wrong so they would want to move them off their lots quickly.
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Excellent reply equinox. The only thing I would add is get the old gas out of it before trying to start.
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it is a good response. woody, you want to re-consider? basically, without all threw inspection, you are buying a big pig in a poke.

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