electric window


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electric window

hello,my son owns a 2004 dodge dakota 8 cylinder.the cable that goes to his electric window has broke.can you guide me or refer me step by step on how to replace this.i'm really not looking forward to this project.prefer the older ones with the scissors in them.remember them?? thanks for any info.
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You can buy the complete regulator without the drive motor for that vehicle for under $30.00 on line, and for a similar price if it is manual. You will not just be replacing the cable. If you can remove the door trim panel and plastic moisture barrier, and perhaps you already have, replacing the regulator is quite easy and really only involves removing about 6 mounting bolts, then detaching it from the glass, and drive motor, and then intalling the new one the same way you removed the old one, and then reattaching it to the glass and motor. There are a few sites you can google that provide more detailed instruction, including the Dodge Forum, and possibly some other site vidoes for similar vehicles from Dodge, but overall the entire job should take you less than an hour based on my experience. These days regulators for all vehicles are very similar, light weight, and fairly cheap and easy to replace. If you have played with the old school scissor style you will have no problem with the newer ones.
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I got mine at auto zone, and it was really nothing to put in. The only problem I had, was I have big hand, and the holes in the door was really made for that.

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