2000 Plymouth Neon Klutch problem


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Question 2000 Plymouth Neon Klutch problem

My Neon has a rear seal leak and it's leaking onto the klutch (this is what I've been told so far. I know nothing about leaks, klutches or transmission) and in 1st, 2nd gear, they both start out real slowly and then pick up speed.

My 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse gears all work fine. It's just the 1st and 2nd gears that, no matter how much you apply the gas to them....they're slow to go and pick up speed.

My question is:

1)Should I get this fixed? If I do, someone is going to have to take out the motor to get to the leak.

2) trade my car in and get another one?

Is it worth fixing because I know it'll be alot of work and probably pricey to fix?

Thank you!
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your rear main seal is leaking, if it's the case.
you won't sell car for any meaningful money with problem like this.
to replace that seal, transmission needs to be removed. not engine.
that's about 3-4 hrs of labor. same time, as you have it removed, you replace clutch plate and maybe clutch bearing.
shops charge around $700 for this job, I think, I am fairly in the average number. unless it's super easy and less, or super hard and more.

hey, does it smell burnt oil or anything burnt when you engage 1st?
clutch's job is exactly same for 1st or 5th. or reverse. if it picks up fine in reverse from halt, but takes sweet time to pick up in 1st, something else is going on.

do this: if you have good parking brake, engage it fully; if not, simply do soft bumper touch against the wall or something that will not budge; then, engage first, like you normally do, and release clutch. if engine stalls, you clutch is good and something else is going on; if it doesn't, your clutch plate is no good, and yes, you need to fix all this.

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