Is this normal!


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Is this normal!

I have a 1995 Chevy Lumina apv mini van 3.8L v6 as some may know the service engine light has been coming on. The other day I stopped to put gas in her. When I turned the cap a swish came out it was loud. I filled her up & went to drive off only to notice that the service engine light was off for a good two weeks. Today it is 90 deg. out & as I was driving her home it came back on. Just for the hell of it I took the gas cap off again the swish sound & again the S.E.L no longer was on!.
My question is could this have something to do with that canister I replaced all the vacuum houses to her but since I never replaced one I'm not sure if u replace the whole thing or if there is a charcoal filter inside plus I don't want to waiste money I don't have!. This month I have to get her inspected so good old N.Y. State gets every dollar they can. Anyway any information on why she is doing this would be a big help!.
Thank you!
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Have you been putting the gas cap on more tightly lately?

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