cavalier starting problem


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cavalier starting problem

so i bought a 95 cavalier about 4 years ago and now (2011) im just getting back around to used to run reallywell,damn good infact. only thing is that it had a bad transmisson,so i juhs swap the old tranny with a new it will not crank.the starter is makes a thump when i try to start it.and only a thump.i look under it and i can see the teeth from the starter grabing the fly will when being started but it will not turn it(flywheel).so i tried to rotate the crankshaft but couldnt its to hard i dont know whats going on,i know its not locked up/.somebody please help
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how do you know it is not 'locked up"?
can you get a long screw driver & pry on the flywheel teeth to rotate the engine?
get to the front crankshaft bolt- with a socket & try to turn it?
the engine 'may' be in a bind/locked due to improper trans installation?
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well its was running when it was parked,no problems it ran very well only transmisson was bad.and yes i have came to the fact the the motor is locked up,which is beyond me because cars sit for 20 years + and dont seize.and no trans is installed right cause before i did the job i had it towed to my house from a storage lot tried to start it and it did the same thing,just thumped.but since it ran when i parked it i thought it was the starter and i proceeded 2 do the job.
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Just to eliminate one possibility, are you using a new, fully charged battery and did you cleanup and re tighten both ends of both battery cables?
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I would also take the spark plugs out, and put some penetrating oil, like PB Blaster down each of the spark plug holes, and let it sit over night. Then the next day, try to spin the engine over with the starter, but leave the plugs out. If it spins over after that, re-install the spark plugs, and try again. I bet that with it sitting, a very fine film of rust has formed on the rings, and piston bore, and that's keeping it from turning over.
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disconect the flex plate bolts and the converter should be able to slide back a bit.
Then try to rotate the engine by the ring gear or by the crank/balancer bolt up front.
See if converter is free to rotate.
Thats not too hard to do considering you just swapped it out

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