2004 Kia Optima - Transmission fluid leak after CV axle replacement


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2004 Kia Optima - Transmission fluid leak after CV axle replacement

Transmission fluid leaking after I got left front CV axle replaced at a mechanic shop. It only leaks when I put the car on an incline like in my driveway. I always park the car in the driveway & the problem just started the day after the cv axle was replaced.

So I call up the shop & Lets call this shop 1. Well shop 1 says shop 2 changed my oil & when shop 2 changed my oil shop 1 suspects that shop 2 over filled the transmission fluid & when shop 1 started taking the axle apart transmission fluid spilled all over the place. They said that when shop 2 allegedly overfilled my transmission fluid (topping it off), they messed up something & shop 1 states they even checked the seal around the axle going into the transmission & nothing.

I'm concerned about the transmission fluid leak, can someone advise on what I should/can do?

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determine what exactly is leaking. get her on ramps (it's DIY forum, you know), clean trannie all over the bottom with brake cleaner, wipe it out dry, drive her around, and park on incline, or whichever way she leaks.
give it couple hrs, get back on ramps, and trace leak origin. THEN you can make an educated decision.
but in general, rule of thumb is go for the last job done. it was not leaking AFTER trannie refill and BEFORE they replaced driveaxle? so the fluid level was fine? started leaking AFTER they replaced driveaxle? prolly busted seal, but then - read paragraph one.

btw, EVERY trannie spills fluid when driveaxle is pulled out.

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