95 Camry Wagon blown brake line?


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95 Camry Wagon blown brake line?

I had to brake suddenly yesterday and in doing so, felt the brake pedal hit the metal, slowly reaching the floor as if I was pushing the brake fluid out of the lines. I raised the hood of the car with the engine running, depressed the brake pedal, heard the sound of air(psshhh), got out of the car, walked around to the rear and observed brake fluid dripping from above. I looked under the hood again at the brake fluid reservoir. Are there two chambers in the reservoir? I ask because one was drained and the other was filled to slightly below the minimum line. I jacked the back end up and followed the flexible brake lines to the area where I noticed the leaking mentioned earlier. I could not see any severed or blown out line. There was a bolt next to a brake line saturated with brake fluid. There is also some type of hub where multiple brake lines connect. Is there a way to check which line leaks other than refilling the reservoir?
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Most master cylinders have a 2 part reservoir, 1 is for the front brakes, the other for the back. It sounds like you might have a bad wheel cylinder. You'll have to pull the brake drum to tell for sure.
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95 Camry Wagon blown brake line?


Assuming you mean the rear of the car since you mentioned brake drum. If it was the wheel cylinder, why would brake fluid be leaking from the location mentioned earlier? The specific location was an area at about the horizontal midpoint of the differential, but above, by the "brake line hub" that I mentioned earlier. I never saw where the leaking was dripping from, but rather the drip line and the resulting puddle of brake fluid. If the wheel cylinder checks out, would you recommend filling the reservoir and watching where the fluid leaks from?
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There should be a copper gasket on each side of the "hub" that could be leaking. Yes you can fill the MC and have some one press on the pedal while you watch for the leak.
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flexible brake fluid lines??????? are you SURE?

if you heard woosh of air, i'd head towards booster right away.

start with checking if reservoir is seated properly in master.

you need to track leak from master all the way down, over the booster and firewall, to underbody. i have never seen ripped brake line, unless after accident. they are pretty stout, too much liability. now, fittings, grommets, O-rings, etc - that's a different story.

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