Tankful of bad gas??


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Tankful of bad gas??

Quick post, no time to search but here goes.
1995 altima auto, filled up at Valero and car started to sputter.
Changed plugs(old ones looked ok), changed distr. cap and rotor and put in bottle of treatment to get rid of any water in the gas.

Question--is there an additive to use if I got hold of some bad gas?
I haven't changed anything else yet. The sputter is random and frequent.

Any ideas? I was thinking fuel filter change and spray the MAF sensor with some cleaner to be sure.

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Don't do anything until you change the fuel filter. You suspect bad gas, why not make that pathway clear before you take on the computer stuff.
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The filter is on the list
The car is not at the house so I am limited to what I can check.
I am going to spray the MAF sensor also. Seems to run better when the car is going more than 30mph. Trying to keep the costs low for this car since it's old.

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