No power to Honda low beam fuse.


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No power to Honda low beam fuse.

Iím trying to figure out why the driverís side low beam is not working on a friends 2000 Honda Civic EX. She bought a new bulb, I installed it. Same thing. Consulting the ownerís manual, I find that almost everything in the car has itís own fuse. So I swap fuses from the working passenger side low beam. Same thing. I check for voltage at the headlight connector. No voltage. I check for power to the fuse. No power.
Now there canít be too many things left to check, can there? The switch on the column is my next suspect but I have no idea what could cause just one low beam to go bad in the headlight switch on the column
Ideas, anyone?
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Still looking for some guidance here. Should I be looking at the high/low beam switch on the column or what? Never had a Honda column apart before. Anyone have any clues.
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I believe there was a recall on low beams back in 2004. Call a dealer and ask them. I do not recall what the fix was.
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I am not a Honda guy at all!
but I would not think the high /low beam switch would control left & right separately?
might have to invest in a Hayes manual-might find one at a local auto parts.
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Did you check the under dash fuse block. Fuse 22 is a 10a fuse for the left side low beam circuit. That fuse should only have power when the headlamps are turned on and low beam is selected on the headlamp switch.
Hope this helps ya,

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