2004 kia optima intermittent hesitation on acceleration


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2004 kia optima intermittent hesitation on acceleration

A couple of days ago my car started hesitating on accelereration and my engine light came on. I took it to the parts store and they read the computer and told me cylinder 3 was not firing properly. I was well overdue for a tuneup so I performed one and found the plug was bad. After the tuneup my car runs 10 times better but still hesititates occassionally on acceleration. What could be causing this? A fuel pump or filter? I did buy the plugs that do not need to be gapped. Could this be the problem?It is a 2004 kia optima lx 2.4L.
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How many miles on the vehicle? How does it run after the initial stumble? Has the timing belt been replaced recently?
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ok, so is the code still there? as spark plug itself may be only part of the problem in cyl 3. you also have a coil pack. you also have engine management system. you have injectors. there might be multiple causes to cyl 3 no being happy.
i'd say, remove your ECU fuse for maybe an hour or so, then read codes again. if it's still there - well, you got it. if it's gone - THEN you can worry about further investigation.

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