Just crumbled my wiring harness-to-distributor connector, now what?


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Just crumbled my wiring harness-to-distributor connector, now what?

I just ruined the wiring harness connector to my distributor. The interior of the female side coming from the harness disintegrated from age and heat. Now I have the female wire connectors flapping in the breeze. Finding a suitable connector to replace damaged one is not easy.

Can I hook up each wire to it's mate and maybe stuff the space around the wires with dielectric gel/grease to prevent shorts???

Any ideas??
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Vehicle specific information would be helpful. Most connectors of this type you can get from your respective dealer. If not you can try your local higher end parts stores or a salvage yard. I wouldnt recommend just plugging the wires in singly. The connector has a lock that keeps it in place so that normal movement and engine vibration do not shake it loose.
Hope this helps ya,

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