repairing struts -- question on costs


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repairing struts -- question on costs

I have a 1998 Honda Civic EX, and was told I need an alignment and new struts assembly, as this has contributed to uneven tire wear and unfamiliar sounds I have been hearing.

Does the following seem like reasonable costs? If not, what would be reasonable? I live in the Chicago area, which may affect the labor costs. Thanks!!

alignment service: $90 for labor

-front strut assemblies: 2 assemblies @ $380 each
-rear strut assembly: only 1 quoted @ $265
-sway bar link/kit: 2 @ $17 each
-remove, inspect, and install front struts: $189 labor
-remove, inspect, and install back struts: $160 labor

TOTAL for all services: $1759
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are you dealing with a 'Honda' dealer?
IMO - the labor sounds reasonable
IMO - the parts are high
on a 13 year old vehicle - I think I would go with aftermarket parts.
also - being from Chicago - how RUSTED are the suspension components?
do these struts include new springs / insulators / mounts etc.?
are your struts - leaking / physically 'worn out'-?
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I have to agree. The labor actually sounds a little low, but the parts sound extremely high unless it is including everything newtofta mentioned. I wouldnt recommend replaing the struts without replacing all of the rubber components as well... Isolators as well as the mounts on a vehicle of this age and geographic location.
I can only assume you are speaking of tire noise in your description as you also mentioned tire wear. Worn shock/struts will cause tires to cup and this will lead to tire roar and obviously tire wear. I certainly recommend an alignment after this type of repair especially if you are experiencing premature tire wear.
I hope this helps ya,
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i replaced all four struts on my 2004 CR-V myself for total cost of about $470. they were roughly $110 each from dealer, plus $75 alignment. this is DEALER parts prices and 2004 vehicle.
double check, as you might have shock inserts, that go inside the strut tubes. those are pita to replace.
anyhow, which ever way i look at this, you are quoted at least triple. buy your own struts from say NAPA and have them installed by some reasonable private shop (not the corner gas station one!).
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Thanks so much for all your suggestions. This was a quote from Firestone, not a Honda dealer. I need to check more on the current quality of my struts ... I think you are right that an alignment is in order and maybe new tires ...

Thanks again for your help! I'll let you know how it goes - Jennifer
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complete assembly Monroes for the front are $139 each. complete, strut and spring. O'reiley, alias Schucks. rear ones are less than 90. personally, i'd have had complete front assembly installed by myself in about 30 minutes both. there's nothing to it. rears about same. they charge you an hr labor cost per each strut, shops usually charge around $90 an hr. they will have it done in less than my time, as they have lifts and i do not. that's your math. Schucks matches their online price, so you can have it at the store, or less, if you are blond.
folks, please, don't start discussing Monroes. for Jennifer's purpose, they will be OK. othe makes will be roughly same, and she does not need Bilsteins.

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