Grand Cherokee water pump


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Question Grand Cherokee water pump

I will buy a water pump, and I have two options buy a new one or a remanufactured.
The second one is 50% cheaper than the new one.
I would like to know the pros and cons.
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A motto to live by is you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap then you are likely to have to do it again very soon. I say spend a little more and get a part with a warranty.
Hope this helps ya,
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I agree that a new pump is a better product than rebuilt but I've replaced several water pumps over the years, always used a rebuilt pump and never had to do the job over. Before I would consider paying the extra, I'd think about how long I planned to keep the vehicle.

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And the actual cost of the two units; $50 vs $100 is somewhat different than $150 vs $300. I generally buy remanned parts without a second thought.
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It all depends on the rebuilder. Some are good some are junk. Unfortunatly unless you have dealt with a company you dont know the difference. In the past I have had horrible luck with rebuilds but I think they are better now. Another thing to consider is how difficult it is to change.
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I have dont ALOT of water pumps!!! I prefer the new part over the reman part simply because I have seen way too many reman parts fail within a short period of time. Especially with aftermarket parts. The average consumer has the save money mentallity and when it comes to automotive repairs they get it into their mind that if I buy my parts cheaper at the local chain store then I will save money. I can tell you this from personal experience... The worst part I ever dealt with was an electronic fuel pump. It took several trys to finally get a good one. They either didnt work at all or started making a horrible buzzing noise shortly after installation/startup. So this is my reason for preferring a quality part as opposed to a cheap part!!!
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Posts: 611 me.......It's a matter of how easy it is to do the pump............4.0 jeep is pretty much riht out in the open........I'd go reman.........Nowif it was a 2.4 in a PT Cruiser I'd get the BEST pump money could buy..............And also .......New pumps, today, come from is it REALLY better than a reman??????
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Heck everything comes from China these days, but yeah you are right I wouldnt want to do a PT more than once, especially for a parts warranty... LOL.
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I have a rebuilt water pump in my Porsche track car. It has lasted for about 75K so far - tough life and still works fine.

On the other hand I've tried rebuilt Brembo calipers (not done by Brembo) and they were bad. The rebuilder installed new seals but did not replace a scored piston in each failure. I eventually rebuilt the last one myself with a new piston from Brembo. No more trouble there.

So it seems to me that it boils down to who rebuilds it....

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