Engine Codes and Engine year from Block stamps


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Engine Codes and Engine year from Block stamps

I purchased a 5.7 vortec longblock. the block number is 10243880, the engine code on the front of the engine by the circulating pump mount is V07267MH. this longblock is supposed to be for a boat. I am using a cast iron high rise vortec manifold and an edelbrock 1409 600cfm carburetor. I asked this question in a boat forum and got no information. I thought maybe automotive guys might know.

I would like to know the year this engine was built, and also which plugs, timing, and rpm range for this engine.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Best I can find is this. The casting number 10243880 goes to a 1995-2000 350 2 or 4 bolt (coule be either or, you will have to pull the pan to find out which) It is a Gen I crate engine ZZ4, roller cam, and one piece rear main seal.
As for the Engine code it was a little tricky. V stands for Flint Michigan assy plant. 07267 07= month July, 26= day 26th day, and I can only guess that the last 7= 1997 means year as there is no supporting information for this. This best guess is based on the date range that the engine was built and used. The MH refers to the manufacturing facility and in this case Mexico. Not sure where the H comes from or why, but the M definately means it was manufactured in Mexico.
If this engine was used in a vehicle then there should also be another number on the pad near the engine code. This would narrow the details more if it exists.
Not too sure about the other items you are asking about. It all depends on how you plan to build it as to what you use for timing components.
Hope this helps ya,

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