Removing boat engine 25 hosre mercury


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Unhappy Removing boat engine 25 hosre mercury

have everything done but cannot figure out how to remove the rod from the tilt tube. Can anyone help with this? have removed the aluminum nut and attempted to remove the rod but would only come out about 10 inches. What am I not doing?


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You will need to lift the engine to do it! I have done exactly what you are speaking of. My 1985 70-HP Johnson had a steel tilt tube that was rusting. My steering had frozen in it at one point. When I converted to hydraulic steering, I installed a replacement stainless tilt tube.
In order to remove the tilt tube, I had to lift the engine off the transom to get additional clearance. While I was at it, I disassembled the three parts of the engine bracket and painted the power trim/tilt mechanism again. Only added power trim/tilt 6 years earlier. Removing the side pieces from the power trim was the easiest way to get the tilt tube available for hammering.

If I understand your problem correctly, your "L" brackets that entrap the hydraulic steering actuator come off, but the stainless rod that went through the tilt tube is rusted solid.

First question: What's the trouble to carve the rusty tilt tube off the stainless mounting rod worth? You might want to price the piece that is rusted in the existing tilt tube before you spend oodles of hours carefully splitting them.

Second question: Did you buy replacements for the little plastic bushings that are between the tilt tube and the engine brackets? (If not, order those now. You will need them)

If penetrating oil and propane torch are unsuccessful, time to locate a bigger torch, and use a bigger hammer. It took quite a bit of hammering to get mine out after 18 years of salt water useage. Chip the excess obvious flaking rust out of the way, since that tube has to go through one of the sides of the mount to get out.

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