95 Dodge Caravan acceleration problem


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95 Dodge Caravan acceleration problem

I have a 95 Dodge Caravan with a V6 that I bought used here in Hawaii with 96k miles. It runs great most of the time but occasionally when I step on the gas to accelerate nothing happens. The RPM of the engine does not change. As I give it more gas it will eventually "catch" and then rapidly accelerate. Then it goes back to running normal for a while. Any suggestions on where to look first?
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couple things come to mind. One fuel pressure, the fact you accelerate and nothing happens then it rapidly suggest a lean condition. Possible causes are fuel filter or fuel pump.
Secondly, the lean condition you create from accelerating demands higher kv. from the ignition system. Perhaps your ignition wires and or ignition coil could break-down suddenly.
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Third, could be throttle position sensor faulty.
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I agree with bob22, and would check the TPS first.

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