2008 Caravan rear brake pads?


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2008 Caravan rear brake pads?

I have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan, FWD, 4 wheel disc brakes, 38k miles and I believe I need rear pads. As this is the first time I've installed rear pads in a 4 wheel disc vehicle - I need to know is there anything I should watch out for or be careful about. I've looked on line and at the library and I can't find instructions (I guess the car is too new?). But I hope I can just pull the caliper off (two bolts) and replace the pads - is it that simple? I hear about some rear disc cars that the caliper is also part of the emergency brake system - if true for this car will that prevent me from just pulling the caliper away? Does anyone know a site that will have the detailed instructions? I've done front pads multiple times and they usually are no problem. Thanks.
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If you have changed your front pads, the rear should be no problem for you. However there are a few minor differences. As you noted, there will be an ebrake cable connected to the caliper. They have flexable steel cables so you shouldn't have to unclip them from the calipers. Just unbolt the caliper and lift away from the bracket.
If your caliper piston has an X slot in them, and you rear pads have a small locating pin on the back of them, the piston will need to be rotated in clockwise to allow room for the new pads. If the piston is hollow you can just push the piston in with a C-clamp and a brake old pad laying horizontally on top of the piston. Be sure remove the brake fluid cover to keep an eye on your fluid level to prevent overfilling (as you are pushing fluid back into the lines). Also check the caliper slide pins to make sure they move freely and are not seized. I usually give them some fresh grease regardless. Good luck!

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