Service engine soon, light comes on


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Service engine soon, light comes on

Hi everybody, I have a 2001 Buick Century. I have notice the Service engine soon light has come on and would like to know if anybody has had this problem before and or what would cause it to come on. Appreciate your help. Thanks
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SES light could be on for a number of reasons. Anything from time for an oil change to a filter in the fuel vapor system needs changing.

SES is different from CEL (check engine light)....assuming you may have both. Many auto parts stores will scan it for free and give you a verbal or printout of what the code means. AutoZone does it in my area...Checker and NAPA places do as well.

Check your manual. Solid on is not normally extremely urgent.... flashing normally means the vehicle should not be driven more than a few miles at slow speeds.
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Pep Boys scans for free. As GunGuy45 said, it could be anything unless you pull the code. Start with the easiest, is your gas cap tight? Believe it or not, that will cause it. O2 sensor is another common one. The code will give you a clue where to start.
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buy a maxiScan OBD11 scanner, you can read all the codes and it will tell you exactly what the problem is.
There are some very cheap scanners, well worth the money.
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Strange, but I filled up and made the mistake of topping off. After a few miles and stops the light came on. I took of fuel cap and left it open for a few minutes and the light went off after a few stops requiring stooping and starting up again. I went and got the usual scans that showed the history.

I had the problem earlier and assumed the cap may not have been venting properly, so I bought an after market cap, but it continued. I then bough a new GM cap from the dealer and it seemed to go away for a few thousand miles. - I finally determined it was me and the habit of topping off a vehicle that was sensitive to over-filling. I told my my local mechanic and he laughed an he said "you found it quicker than I did on my wife's car that was essentially identical".

That is another possible cause. It takes a few starts and restarts to clear the warning.

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On a Santa Fe its three starts to clear, check out your repair manual.

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