98 venture starting issues


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98 venture starting issues

Hi, just wondering if anyone can give me a little guidance on my van issues. To give brief history the van ran very well except ever now and then it would stall but start back up no problems, besides that it seemed to work pretty good.
Well the other day i was driving home and seen it was low on gas and said i better fill up but as i was driving it hesitated but then back to normal then after a few minutes it stalled which it did before on occasion but this time it would not start so i thought maybe fuel guage off and i did run out of gas ... put some in and still wouldnt start .... It actually starts but quits after chugging a bit .....
I so far replaced fuel filter and plugs which i admit were in bad shape but still no go.
I checked fuel pump and seems to be working fine . Is there anything I can do to see if i can fix this problem on my own . again it does start up but chugs and quits right away..
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
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I think for starters I would beg or borrow a pressure gauge and see what the fuel pump is actually putting out.

Besides the filter you've already changed, are the common ignition system tune-up items serviceable - plugs, wires, cap, rotor?
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Appreciate the reply.... I did replace the fuel pump and still no difference... so now that i replaced fuel pump , fuel filter, plugs and wires do you suggest anything else I may try next . Like I said before the van does start and chugs for about 10 secs before quitting . Its an old van and before i junk it i was just seeing if i could keep it going for another couple of months.
Thanks Again

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