EGR value 2001 Isuzu Rodeo


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Angry EGR value 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

2001 my check engine light is on i replace the EGR with a brand new one the check engine light is still on i had clean the egr off put it back on the check engine is still on what can i do to make the check engine light stay off
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and who says EGR is causing CEL?

Locate ECM fuse in fuse box and pull it out overnight. Put it back in. This will reset all error codes stored in your ECM. If light comes back up, have codes read at any parts store with scanner. Take it from there.
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Second that.

Could still be EGR if that was the code associated, but you could have something as simple as a vacuum leak, if it's a vacuum-operated valve, rather than the valve having been bad.
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What code were you getting? 0401?

I just replaced the EGR valve with a used one on my Acura after having the same problem...insufficient EGR flow. Turns out that I didn't need a new valve at all--but I DID need to clean the return passage underneath the EGR going back to the manifold. It is a much bigger passage than any of the vacuum lines but--be sure this is clean!

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