2001 Malibu bogs at 60 mph


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2001 Malibu bogs at 60 mph


I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu, 3.1 that kind of bogs when asked to accelerate at about 60 mph.

I replace the plugs and wires and that helped (it used to do this at about 45-50mph).

I also checked the alternator: 12.6 with engine off. 14.1 when engine is running. Put on headlights and fan, went down to 13 and then kicked back up to 14.1 so I think that is OK.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this engine is running this way?

Any replies are much appreciated.

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Yes, I think I can help.

I owned a 2001 Malibu for 10 years and 300,000 miles.

The electric fuel pumps go bad in these cars about every 60 to 80,000 miles and can leave you stranded without warning or cause what you're describing.
The GM 3.1LV6 doesn't respond well to aftermarket plugs and wires. I recommend to use only OEM Dealer plugs and wires (throws codes with aftermarket ignition parts and runs like garbage).
Also check the EGR valve.....it could be failing.
These cars are also known to have bad harness connections to the AIR Intake/MAF sensor due to a short lead that breaks from being pulled by the engine over time.

I hope this helps
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It does sound to be a possible fuel delivery problem. On the maintenance side of things have you changed out the fuel filter also.

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