Pontiac Transport Caliper Sticking


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Pontiac Transport Caliper Sticking

1998 Pontiac Transport, 6 cyl, 152,000 miles

I have a 1998 Pontiac Transport that the left front caliper is sticking. I can smell the brakes burning and feel them dragging. I have replaced the pads, rotor, caliper and brake line to no avail. The car was in a front end accident a while ago, but there was no damage near the brake. The caliper bracket appears to be ok. What am I missing here that could be causing this problem.


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With everything that has been done already the only thing that comes to mind is the slides and pins on that caliper.
Do they slide easily when you have it apart and have they been properly greased.?

The other thing that comes to mind is the brake hose although you did say you replaced the "brake line" did you mean the flexible hose between the strut and caliper or the hard metal line because brake hoses are notorious for building up dirt that act as as a check valve not allowing the brake fluid pressure to release.
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The pins are new and the slides and pins are greased. The flexible hose between the strut and caliper was replaced.

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bent or clogged brake line to that caliper
of course, you bled entire system, right?
master cylinder obstruction blocking normal hydraulic fluid return into the system
if you have proportionate valve, as some cars do have them right next to master - ...
i had new booster installed, that resulted in front brakes drag. pressure pin was set at wrong length from the factory. that was one of the most expensive things to figure, after half the brake system in the front was replaced.

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