2002 Lincoln Towncar shuttering while driving


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2002 Lincoln Towncar shuttering while driving

In the last 2 weeks my 2002 Lincoln Towncar has been shuttering while driving down the road. At idle everything sounds fine....when I accelerate the power is there...but when I'm at a given speed just cruising the car shutters and gets very jerky like I'm going over speed bumps or the engine is missing. No check engine light...and when I give it more gas it then accelerates fine. I've changed the fuel filter and tried a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. Sparks plugs are 20,000 miles old changed two years ago due to a check engine light that time. My smooth riding Lincoln don't ride smooth no more....


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Regardless of any check engine light, first step is to have a OBD2 scan done and see if anything shows up as a fault code. As you may know, most auto parts outlets offer this check for free hoping they will sell a few things to you.
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possible torque converter clutch shudder - if it happens about 35 mph.
needs fluid changed.
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To add....my helper's 2002 CEL bulb is burned out. Does yours come on with key on only? As equinox suggested, first get the codes read.
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Thanks for all your help......It's fixed. Turned out to be the spark plugs. Go figure. Had 20,000 miles on them....they were Bosch platinum. Went with Motorcraft this time.

Sure glad it wasn't the transmission...

She rides smooth again


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