2004 Buick power window goes down automaticaly at startup (sometimes)


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2004 Buick power window goes down automaticaly at startup (sometimes)

Have 2004 Buick Century 4 door and about 1/2 of the time I start the car the drivers window will go all the way down, even though I press the button to stop it. The window will not work for about a minute, then I can usually resume using it and adjusting it to the position I want. This has happened for about a year so it happens in hot and cold weather (live in MN). What is my first step to fix this problem...hoping it's not taking the door apart. Thanks for any advise in advance!
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all newer GM vehicles have door locks programming with various functions. I am pretty sure you can also find something relevant to windows too, as some manufacturers do automatic windows this and that for various reasons. you may try looking either into your manual, or library, or Goggling this.
otherwise, it will be one of those devils that lives in wires and good luck finding it. but it awfully sounds like body control module thing, so refer to the first paragraph.
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All power goes through the window switch- Seems to me the switch is making a contact when you shut off the car- After the car is turned off with window up- Move the switch a few times in the up position- If it still goes down when starting- You may have a ghost.

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