96 plymouth breeze 2.0


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96 plymouth breeze 2.0

My vehicle has begun to stall upon stopping. As I come to a stop the engine will idle too low, I'll hear a bit if knocking and finally stall. If I place car in park, shut down completely, it restarts just fine. Any suggestions? Perhaps the tps? Thankyou in advance for any advice! Mike
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Idle air control (IAC) maybe, but before throwing parts at it I would try giving the intake throat around the butterfly a good cleaning. Take an old toothbrush and some spray carb cleaner. Prop the throtttle all the way open - engine off! - and scrub away at both sides of the butterfly plate and the surrounding intake throat. Unblock throttle and reconnect ducting and give it a try. I would also have it checked for codes even though the CEL may not have come on. All the other tune-up items good? Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters, etc?

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