SBC one piece oil pan gasket


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SBC one piece oil pan gasket

I'm rebuilding a Chevy 283 that originally came with a multi-piece oil pan gasket. The owner of the engine wanted me to use a one-piece gasket instead. Not a problem, went to local parts store and got a Felpro one-piece gasket. Upon reading the instruction, it states the gasket is designed to be installed dry. And only to add RTV silicone in the corner of the timing cover and rear main cap.

I can understand not using a RTV silicone on the main portion of the gasket, but I'm so tempted to apply a thin layer of liquid gasket on the main portion of the gasket as insurance.

- Has anyone ever installed these one-piece gasket dry?
- How did it turn out when installed dry?
- If you didn't install it dry, what did you use and how did that turn out?
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really, not quite particular response, but I do always use a dab of sealant simply to fix gasket in place. also, I always place some around bolt holes on the pan itself.
I do not use much, just a tad. to create tackiness. otherwise, it's very easy to move gasket on the pan.
I had similar situation on my 86 LeBaron, which had a 4 part gasket. I was STUPID ENOUGH not to go with a single part gasket, and that car ended being towed to charity.

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